BENTONITE Hydrophilic Waterstop

Bentonite and butyl rubber based product for the effective sealing of concrete construction joints.

Pronil natural sodium bentonite based hydrophilic waterstop is manufactured in Turkey. This product is a good alternative to conventional joint sealing systems. It will expand when in contact with water to form a positive seal in concrete construction including gaps, cracks, pores and capillaries.


  • High hydrostatic resistance.
  • Fast, easy installation.
  • Seal is available in a range of sizes to accommodate irregular joint shapes, expands to seal off leaks,
  • Safe to use, non toxic therefore, no special handling is necessary.

Standard Sizes

Thickness Roll Length
05 mm x 20 mm 10 meters roll 70 meters in the box
10 mm x 20 mm 10 meters roll 50 meters in the box
20 mm x 25 mm 5 meters roll 35 meters in the box
10 mm x 25 mm 10 meters roll 50 meters in the box

Technical Data

  • At the end of 7th day: 200%
  • At the end of 14th day: 300%
  • Dry/Wet differential: 200%
  • Water pressure resistance: 5bar @ 50m
  • Application temperature: -20°C to +50°C
  • Test area water hardness: 200ppm CaCO3
  • The expansion rate will increase substantially where water hardness is slight.